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 Lex Barents Ltd.
Business Legal Consulting in Barents

FACILITATIVE legal services

We provide three different types of facilitative legal services: Legal Design services, Legal Transaction Support services, and Business Legal Coaching and Mentoring services. Our Legal Design services assist the organization to design the business legal framework for its business operations, including organizational structure, business legal strategies and standard contract terms. Legal Transactions Support services assist the organization to operationalize the business legal framework and provide additional help in terms of contract negotiation assistance in several languages. Business Legal Training and Mentoring services assist the organization in development of their business legal capabilities and thereby enable the organization to optimize it's use of internal capabilities and resources in business legal matters.

Legal Design
Legal Design services


Our Legal Design services focus on design of the business legal framework of the organization. We provide legal design services in relation to the business legal structure (organizational form), business legal strategies including IPR-strategies, service-designs, standard business contract terms and other standard documents, and various types of business contracts. All such services build upon an innovative approach to managing risks and opportunities inherent in the regulatory environments.

Legal Transaction Support services


Our Legal Transaction Support services focus on assisting our clients in the various legal issues related to their business transactions. We provide support in form of business legal information gathering, business legal registration support, etc. We also provide legal support in terms of contract negotiations and due to our extensive language capabilitites, we will be able to assist our clients professionally in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English language environments. In addtion, we will be able to communicate with our Danish and German speaking clients.

Business Legal Training & Mentoring services


Our Business Legal Training & Mentoring services focus on the development of the business legal capabilites of our clients. Due to our extensive and versatile teaching experience from legal and entrepreneurial studies in international environments, we will be able to educate, coach and mentor the personell of our clients in terms of various business legal capabilities. Particularly our training services in Contractual Capabilities, IPR-capabilities and Legal Risk Management Capabilities will be able to enhance core business legal capabilities of business organizations.

Legal Transactions Support
Business Legal Training & Mentoring


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