Lex Barents Ltd.
Business Legal Consulting in Barents

REPARATIVE legal services

In addition to our facilitative and proactive services, we do also provide reparative legal servies in form of Dispute Mediation services, Arbitration services and Litigation services. Dispute Mediation services build upon our cross-cultural experiences in international environments, which enables us to provide mediation for parties of disputes. We also provide Arbitration services, both in terms of representing our clients in arbitration proceedings, as well as in terms of functioning as a sole arbitrator or as a member of an arbitration tribunal. Finally we also provide Litigation services in Finland.

Dispute mediation services


Our Dispute Mediation services build upon our extensive language capabilites and versatile cross-cultural working experiences from international environments. Accordingly, we are able to provide mediation for parties of business disputes, both in national or international contexts in several languages: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English, and will be able to communicate even with Danish and German speaking parties as well. Naturally we also provide representation for our clients in mediation, as well as other means of dispute resolution outside courts of law or arbitration.

Arbitration services


Our Arbitration services build upon our extensive knowledge of international arbitration and our extensive language capabilities. We have worked with international arbitration issues for fifteen years and can thereby provide professional services both as an arbitrator or as an attorney/lawyer representing our clients in international arbitration. Due to our language and legal capabilities, we can provide unique services in relation to disputes with Finnish, Swedish and/or Norwegian connections.

Litigation services


Our Litigation services focus on litigation in Finnish courts of law. Our licensed attorney was trained at bench in the Åland District Court and has therefore experience from legal proceedings in a multidimentional legal environment. In addition, he has working experince from Finnish and Swedish speaking courts of appeal in Finland (Helsinki and Vaasa), as well as from litigation both in civil and criminal proceedings, and from court administered mediation.