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 Lex Barents Ltd.
Business Legal Consulting in Barents

PROACTIVE legal services

We provide three different types of proactive legal services:


- Legal Compliance services,

- Contractual Risk Management services and

- Legal Risk & Opportunity Management services.


All of these services are build upon an evaluation of the organization's current status and the capabilities of the organization's personell in relations to these three matters. We will then assist the organization to identify, evaluate and manage the risks and opportunities in terms of compliance, contractual activities and/or legally relevant activities in their entirety.

Legal Compliance services


Our Legal Compliance services focus on the regulatory and contractual compliance issues of the organization. The increasingly complex regulatory and contractual environments of business organizations necessitate a proactive approach to legal compliance. Such proactive approach is needed in the very early phases of business plan development and become increasingly important during the startup phase of businesses. Due to the dynamic nature of regulatory environment in modern societies, the legal compliance issues always around the corner as regulatory politics alter to accomodate and to regulate new business models and business practices. Our efficiency in legal compliance monitoring will help our clients to meet the challanges of such dynamic business legal environments.

Contractual Risk Management services


Our Contractual Risk Management services focus on the role of the contracting actitivies of the organization in terms of sources of risks and tools for risk management. The increasing importance of the management of contracts for the success of business organizations necessitates a structured approach to the organiation's contracting activities. Due to our extensive knowledge in Contractual Risk Management, we will be able to help our clients to create cost-efficient processes in contracting that enable the organization to manage the inherents risks in business contracting and contractual networks.

Legal Risk & Opportunity Management services


Our Legal Risk & Opportunity Management services focus on the role of legal management as an integrated part of the organization's Risk and Opportunity Management. The increasing importance of Risk Management as an integral part of the governance of business organizations, underlines the necessity to intergrate the legal management issues into the Risk Mangement of the organizations. Due to our capabilities in the legal design of risk management systems, we will be able to assist our clients to design the organization's Legal Risk Management in a cost-effiicient way that not only deals with the inherent legal risks of the organization's business operations, but also empowers the organization with capabilities to seize opportunities through Legal Opportunity Management.

Legal Compliance services
Contractual Risk Management
Legal Risk Management


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